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Date Deck

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Friday night rolls around, and the question most often asked is, “What do you want to do this weekend?”

If you’re anything like we are, we scroll endlessly on Instagram to look for something fun to do. Or it’s Date Night, and the same restaurant keeps popping up on your Instagram feed. Should you try this new restaurant or do something that is completely out of the ordinary? Chances are that you head over to the restaurant, and the rest of the weekend is the same old, same old. Planning fun and different things to do on the weekend or on Date Night becomes more of a chore than the event itself. Planning and overthinking causes the spark to diminish as two people try to match their expectations for a fun time to the reality of their life.

Date Deck is the solution to this often-asked, hard to answer question. Rather than trying to figure out where to go or what to do, Date Deck takes the work out of enjoying your weekends.

Date Deck is a 52-card prompt deck that suggests and creates interesting and fun adventures to do together on the weekend or a weeknight date.

While some couples prefer to do things separately one day of the weekend, running errands or taking a fitness class, there are times when couples want to enjoy time together. Typically, it becomes the responsibility of one of the partners to coordinate something fun, hoping to get the other partner to feel excited about it and buy into the adventure.

Date Deck makes planning a fun date easier than ever before. Just pick a card from the 52-deck pile and let the Date Deck card guide you to your date destination. Whether the prompt card motivates you to visit a botanical garden, make a picnic lunch, or try a new restaurant, Date Deck will keep your love alive and your mind creative.

Happiness has a multiplying effect, and the more fun you and your partner have together, the more interesting your life will be. Adventures and doing new things stimulate your brain, which allows you to think and solve problems more easily. When you learn or do new things, tiny connections in the brain multiply and get stronger. The more that you challenge your mind to learn, the more your brain cells grow. So, getting out and doing new things is not only fun, but there are health benefits, too.

Change it up!

Try a new hobby. Go somewhere different and explore the city in which you live. Take in a live show. Go to a concert. The possibilities are endless, and the fun increases the connection between you and your partner.

Look for our other Life Hack Decks™ that take the brainwork and effort out of decision-making. Doing something different can at first seem like a challenge. But, the more often you do something different, the more fun you will have. Date Deck by Life Hack Decks™ offers great prompts to get you moving in the direction of fun!

Tag us on Instagram @lifehackdecks to let us know how it’s going and show us pictures of your favorite dates.

Made by women in the USA.

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