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Citrus Woods Dry-Apply Shave Gel

H2no! Shave Co

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Looking for a BETTER way to shave that also saves water?

  • INTRODUCING A CLEAR BETTER WAY TO SHAVE. This is shaving for a new generation.
  • This clear shave gel allows you to see where you shave for clean lines and sharp edges.
  • NATURAL WATERLESS DRY SHAVE GEL: Shave any time anywhere with this magical Aloe based shave gel
  • NOT A SOAP- NO WATER NEEDED: Do not apply with water or rinse.
  • CONVENIENT ECO-FRIENDLY SHAVE: Save Water! SAFE TO USE WITH ELECTRIC RAZORS. Let dry completely before using.
  • DOUBLES AS A LOTION OR AFTER SHAVE So soothing and gentle it can be applied to shaved skin repeatedly without irritation
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