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Meet the Maker: The Love Within Us

Meet the Maker: The Love Within Us

We can all use a little boost sometimes. When life gets hectic and you start to lose yourself, a few simple “I am” phrases can be all you need to ground yourself and remember who you are. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to Megan from The Love Within Us. Her lovely “I am” affirmation deck and affirmation journal are the first steps on a journey to loving yourself. We can’t wait to share her story with you today.   

Hi Megan! Thanks so much for chatting with us today! Can you please tell everyone a little about yourself? 

Hi! My name is Megan Moore and I live in the Dallas area with my husband, 2 kids, 2 cats, & 2 dogs.  My daughter is 4 and my son is 3.  I am a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur.  I am a mental health and fitness enthusiast and I love going on runs and nature walks with my family.  Art and design have always been something I have been drawn to and love sharing the joys of creativity with my children. 

Encouraging kids in their creativity is so important! The past couple of years have been tough. Can you share something good that has come out of this time? 

Despite how hard the last couple of years have been, there have also been so many positives.  First and foremost, the ability, time, and space, to slow down and just be with my family has been amazing.   We have added small game nights and movie nights to our routine that the whole family looks forward to. Secondly, my husband’s work requires quite a bit of travel and the pandemic has allowed him to work from home remotely and that is something that will get to stay.  Having him home to see all the milestones and have our family together is a blessing.

Sounds like you’ve definitely found the silver lining! It’s always great to spend more time with family! Tell us about The Love Within Us! What do you make and how long have you been doing it? 

I started “The Love Within Us” a little over a year ago.  I am actually currently celebrating my business’ One Year Anniversary.  I design and sell self-affirmation cards, journals, and more.  My journey and story start in the thick trenches of motherhood with 2 babies under 2 and a husband that travelled frequently.  

Motherhood, while beautiful, can be incredibly challenging.  I lost myself and my identity.  One day, I decided I had to do something.  I started dedicating my mornings to myself by journaling, self-affirming, and working out.  I use to say that it was “life-changing” and it truly was, but ultimately for me, it was “life-giving”.  You see, the words we speak to ourselves have power.  Our mind and body hear what we say and feel it deep in the bones.  Self-affirmation and the journal work I did, brought me out of post-partum anxiety and depression.  I know I am not alone in facing the challenges of motherhood and I had to share the power of affirmation.  

Self-Affirmation can be used at any stage of your life and in whatever journey you are currently in.  Each card design was hand-painted and each affirmation was carefully selected.  My guided affirmation journal was designed to be paired with my cards.  The simple “I am” statements are meant for you to do the work.  What does “I am Worthy” mean to you?  How does it make you feel?  How can you practice manifesting “I am Worthy” into your day?  This is where the true work and self-empowerment begins!  I hope to spread love, light, and help you manifest your love within!

Happy anniversary! We love the self-affirmation cards and know that your products have been life-giving for so many! How has your work evolved over time? 

This is a wonderful question!  When you start a new business, it’s overwhelming.  The wants, the to-dos, and the needs are everywhere!  It sounds “easy” to launch a website, but that requires SO much background work.  You need product, product photography, some type of payment processor, shipping goods, packaging, business cards, etc.  The website and logo need to have a brand and cohesiveness.  Do you talk about your product on one platform or all, including, Facebook, Instagram, website, Twitter, etc? 

In the beginning and currently, I take it step by step.  Small daily actions.  I am still an at-home mom tending to my home, children, and husband.  It has been a learning experience in balancing each part of my life.  I am learning to time-block, what really needs my attention and what are “business movers.” In the beginning, I focused on getting the word out, branding my product and small business.  Now I am focused on adding new products, networking, and expanding into wholesale. 

That sounds like incredible growth-- especially in your first year! Congratulations! What is the most memorable response you’ve had to your work?

I have had a handful of women approach my booth at a market and thank me for my product.  They would say, “Yes!! We need more of this.” and “You’re doing amazing work.”  I remember each of these women’s faces.  It validates the work I’m trying to do.  It validates the message I’m trying to spread.  We are in the middle of an all-time high mental health crisis, globally. We have to shift the ways in which we think and speak beginning with ourselves and then to others.  We have to shift the negative self-talk and turn it into gratitude and affirmation. 

What’s the most recent show you binge-watched?

I love all things vampires and sci-fi.  I most recently binged “The Originals” and “Lucifer”!  I loved both.  I am however in season 3 of “Star Trek- The Next Generation”.  I actually really enjoyed “The Voyager” series with Captain Janeway, so now we are making it through TNG. Also, I love “The Last Kingdom”.  I have been patiently waiting for the past 2 years for the new season and I cannot wait because it airs this month!

Happy binge-ing of The Last Kingdom! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today, Megan! We’re so glad to have you as a maker at Mosaic Makes Collective! 

Want to learn more about our makers or shop The Love Within Us?  Check out these additional resources: 

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